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Key Development Areas Of The Tire Industry

release time:2019-05-07 14:22Pageviews:239

     Recently, the American Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) released its first US Industry Sustainability Report, which introduced its members' shared vision for the sustainable development of the US tire manufacturing industry.


     The report identifies areas in which the industry is striving to advance, including:


     Improve safety by developing innovations in tire technology such as run-flat, self-sealing, solid and self-inflating tires;


     Development of sensors, chips and labels that can be embedded in the tread groove to obtain real-time information on tire temperature, pressure and tread wear;


     Reduce production-related emissions, improve energy efficiency, and develop and use technologies that reduce water use and solid waste;


     Research and develop the use of sustainable materials in tires to enhance biodiversity and reduce dependence on non-renewable materials;

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